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Results Training Bath are a team of health and fitness professionals providing solutions to each individuals goals. We pride ourselves on working with each client and helping them towards becoming healthier, stronger and injury free. We have created an environment in which clients feel comfortable and are able to enjoy their experience due to our friendly approach and open space within our studio unlike any other facility in Bath.

 Bespoke ‘Team’ Approach

At Results Training our team approach gives us the best possible chance of providing all the tools a client needs to achieve and maintain their goals. We believe the best results are only consistently achieved where a ‘team’ approach is adopted. Each individual we see is different therefore every programme our professionals create is bespoke to their needs, whether that be prescribing certain exercises, advising on nutrition or implementing solutions to motivate a client in everyday life to stay healthy.

Our training gives you the opportunity to learn how to train effectively, safely and gives you the motivation to train consistently… and of course, leave with a smile on your face!

What We Do

Weight Management

Keeping to your desired weight can be tough with the demands of modern day living. We aim to provide a bespoke training programme that will take you a step closer to your goals. In addition, we provide all of our clients with a lifestyle and well-being analysis in order to maximise your results.


Our body needs fuelling for the activities of everyday life. This becomes harder the busier we get. We provide professional advice and researched solutions providing clients with the tools needed to understand how they can reach their nutritional goals, whether that be understanding the calories you need to function, perform or transform or simply to understand the foods to increase or to limit.

Getting into Shape

Whatever the reasons for wanting to change your body shape we can help. We provide our clients with a better understanding of why we exercise and what the many benefits of exercise can do for you, whilst making it as enjoyable as possible. We believe this combination will not only bring you great results but inspire you to develop and maintain good habits.

Building Confidence

Gyms and exercising can be daunting. Our 1-1 personal training gives you an opportunity to build up your confidence in a private studio which has an inviting and friendly atmosphere,  with minimal bulky gym equipment and no crowds.  Once you feel like you and exercise are getting on better why not join similar clients in our small group sessions. These are fun, energising and rewarding whilst still providing you with an excellent service. You will also make a lot of new friends!

Strength & Conditioning

Functional movements and control are key demands of our bodies in everyday life.  Core strength, flexibility and symmetrical movement patterns throughout the body are the basis for any of our S&C programmes. We will implement a training regime that is progressive and realistic to each client, focussing on the correct techniques whilst still pushing the body to its limits.

Sports Performance

Whatever your sport we can help. Whether you are an athlete or simply wanting to be able to take part in your favourite sport again. Our programmes are designed to make you aware of your limits and then challenge your state of mind and your body to push beyond those limits.  With a sport specific programme we will advise you on how to train and fuel your body in order to maximise your performance.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Working alongside an experienced sports injury specialist and physiotherapist gives us the ability to provide our clients with a more thorough rehabilitation and training programme decreasing the time to recovery. Identifying the causes and symptoms to any pain or injury is key in finding ways to improve the function of how our body moves. Once diagnosed we strive to turn weaknesses into strengths so our clients are able to move more freely in day to day life and to exercise without the fear of pain or injury.

Personal Trainer Bath

What Our Clients Think

Oenone Hocking-Robinson

‘James provides a good balance of structure, flexibility, variety and fun. Having attended his sessions for some time now, I always enjoy them, however demanding they can be.’

Sheila Witts

Whilst attending an open evening event at Results Training I was the lucky winner of 3 one-to-one training sessions with one of their personal trainers, Paul Muchall. I completed my three sessions and enjoyed the experience so much that I have continued with them ever since.

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CP Savory, Production Director

‘Results to date have been more than I thought possible with startling improvements in stamina and flexibility and also the all important sustained loss in weight. ‘

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